Master Phone Boss Package

I never thought I would be revealing the secrets to the world. But I am. 

Its time to create Phone Sex Masters…


This package is not for those who see this as more than just a small side hustle. This is for those who want to enter the mind of the best phone sex coach on the planent! 


When you invest in this package you will be empowered beyond belief. Imagine never have to hire anyone else again to help you create a Money Making Phone Sex Profiles (with the exception of creating HTLM codings).


This is for those who are willing to study the art of becoming a true pro at every aspect of the Phone Sex Game. From the skillset to crafting the perfect profile yourself!  


In this package you will get several detailed tutorials on the various aspects of truly becoming a Master Phone Boss...

Im Ready To Be The Master Phone Boss Pro!

This is what you get when you invest in Phone Sex Mastery:

Complete With Quizzes To Test Your PSO Knowledge!

Need a Payment Plan?


You can pay in 4 installments of $250.00 

1st installment: Part 1-2

2nd installment: Part 3-4

3rd installment: Part 5-6

4th Installment: Part 7-8


You can pay in 2 payments of $500.00

1st Installment of $500.00: Parts 1-4

2nd Installment of $500.00: Parts 5-8


Please note you cannot take advantage of sale prices. The payment plan is only possible with the regular price of $999.99


There are no refunds. This means if you do not finish your payments you will not receive the next steps nor any money back.


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  • Best Value

    Master Phone Boss

    For those willing to study the art of a TRUE pro.
    Valid for one year
    • Full Phone Boss Package
    • Erotic Bio Writing Mastery( Three Parts)
    • Recorded Phone Sex Library
    • 3 Recorded Consultations
    • 1 HTLM Coding
    • Two Hour Consultation
    • Voice Matching Mastery
    • and more.....
  • Master Phone Boss #1

    First Installment of Four (Payment Plan Option)
    Valid for one year
    • Part One & Part Two of the Master Phone Boss Package
    • Once You're ready to make another installment
    • click the link at the bottom of each page
  • MPB (Pay first half)

    First HALF Installment of Complete Master Phone Boss Package
    Valid for one year
    • Part 1-3 of the Master Phone Boss Training
    • Once you're ready to pay second half
    • Click the link at bottom of page