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Phone Gigalo Package

Rumor has it that only women can get major loot via phone. Well, somebody lied!

This is the first ever Phone Sex Package designed for men. No matter if you are straight, gay, trans, bi or a woman with a deep voice- there is money waiting for you=)


I have joined forces with TOP earning ($16,000.00 in one month earning) Male Phone Sex Opertor Fred Scarf! We have included an exclusive interview with him where we dive in to Male Phone Sex Specific fetishes and techniques!


Our Custom Male Phone Sex Package is all you need to get freaky for a fee. We will customize your profile just for you so you attract the kind of callers you are comfortable with. 

Now before you invest please note the following:

  • The site you will be put on caters to 98% rich white men- very few female callers.

  • There is not much male model content (people to "be" on your phone sex profile) out there so we recommend either: playing yourself and showing your face, playing yourself and not showing your face or have a profile with very well written words and graphics.

  • Though you will be talking to men, there are fetishes in which they want you to speak about sleeping with their wives, worship your masculinity etc. So for the straight men: it will not just be "gay butt sex calls”. For the gay men, you may have to be "straight for pay"

  • Watch the video below for more on what to expect as a male PSO

  • Gigalo Phone Boss Package

    A Tailored Phone Boss Training JUST For Men!
    Valid for one year
    • 1 hour interview with Top Male PSO Fred Scarf
    • Full Phone Boss Package (Phone Sex 101 Course, ETC)
    • 1 Hour Consultation with Phone Sex Expert
    • Custom Niteflirt HTML Coding
    • Custom Erotic Bio
    • Professional Voice Matching
    • We match your voice with the perfect model!!!!!
    • This package has the value of $999.99


Complete With Quizzes To Test Your PSO Knowledge!!!

What's Included In The Gigalo Phone Boss Package:

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