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  • ​Learn the all PSO ropes with The Phone Sex 101 Course
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  • ​Remove all guess work on how to be successful in the business
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  • Tired of driving to a job you hate
  • You want to "work" from home
  • ​You want to lay around all day making major coin
  • ​You want sugar daddies who cant get any sugar (because its just phone play)
  • ​You want to be able to take your money with you around the world
  • ​You want to cut out the guess work and make money now as a Certified Phone Actress/Actor
  • ​You want to be in a pandemic proof business 
  • ​You are tired of sending text messages for free
  • ​You are tired of living in a racist country that tells women they have to keep unwanted babies.
  • ​You want to make money as a sex worker while keeping your identity a secret! 

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Telling your ugly bald headed boss to kick rocks because your Phone income has exceeded your current one...

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Here Is Everything You Get.

    There are 5 things you need win as a PSO:
    1. The right site
    2. The right profile on that site
    3. The right skillset
    4. The right mindset
    5. The right coaches

    We provide all of the above!

    Here is everything you get for as low as
     $222.22 (one time investment)

    • ​Phone Sex 101 Course. 
    • ​​Placement on the top PSO site
    • ​​How to navigate the top site and get callers
    • ​​50 min Money Manifestation Video
    • ​ Access to HTML coders to build your site
    • ​Access to Erotic Bio Writers
    • ​10 Minute Segment Intending Video 
    • ​Texting Tutorial 
    • ​Model Selection Video 
    Hi, I'm Cidney Green
    I help Women and Men Make Money from All Over the World with their Cell Phone. In short: I Create Phone Bosses
    Wussup yall! I'm a Professional Phone Sex Operator and Trainer. The ONLY relevant one on Planet Earth. The first to create a market for people willing to invest Phone Sex Trainings=)

    Here is my story:

    Around 2012 somebody told me I could get paid to talk freaky on the phone. I was already doing it for free. So I said " Hell Yea". 

    After months of digging around I finally found my first PSO job...and I was awful at it. 

    I got fired and continued my very difficult journey. 

    Wrong sites, no mentors, awful advice, no skills. I was happy to make $90.00 a week.

    I had to get other jobs to take care of myself. All of which I got fired from for one reason or another. 

    Around 2015 I got the boot for the last time. That's when I made my decision to never apply for another job again! Clearly it wasn't an option for me. So Phone Sex HAD to work for...full time!

    Well, failure is the best teacher so all my trail and error resulted in my hitting 6 figures that same year. 

    From there people wanted to know how the hell I was making all this money and never going to work.

    I started showing a few friends the ropes, they had huge success and the rest is history.

    Since 2015 I have trained thousands of people to make real money on the phone.

    It never gets old! next?

    *Why do I need your help?
    The PSO business is not as easy as it seems. Without our help you will spend years trying to make serious money. We expedite that process drastically.

    *What comes with the Phone Sex 101 Course and how long is it?
    Its about 4 hours long. You will learn: All Fetishes, The Phone Sex Lingo, The Various Caller Types, How To Build Your Online Persona, How to Hold the Callers On The Phone How Hours, Vocal Tips, Plus more. This is the foundation of your money. You have to know what they want before they tell you! We also test you at the end to be sure you are ready for the lines. 

    *Why do I need a "model"?
    You don't! You can use your own photos on your phone sex profile if you want. But for those who want their identity hidden we grant you access to legally licensed photos of models that you can portray. 

    *How long does the process take?
    Its mainly up to you. The training are all virtual so you can go at your own pace. We have packages that include services- if you are moving quickly we can get you up and running within 10-14 days.

    *How soon will I see a return on investment?
    We cannot make any income guarantees but many start making money on the very first day on the lines! See testimonials=) 

    *What if I need extra help?
    Most of our packages come with a 1 on 1 consultation or you can book one with one of our coaches. We have a Facebook group for added support. We also have packages that come with lots more services and guidance. 

    *How often do I get paid?
    That is up to you! You can get paid daily, monthly or you can let you account stack and withdraw whenever you want.

    *Do you guys take a percentage of my income?
    Nope! You pay us for trainings and services and your money is yours.

    *Do I have to keep a set schedule?
    Nope! You log in and out as you please. 

    Once I am trained do I have to hustle to find a job and callers?
    Nope! We place you on the top site and show you how to get callers. Its easy. No guess work needed.

    *I do not live in the USA can I still do this?
    If you are from USA and are traveling then of course you can still work. However, if you are not a resident then you will need to check this list to see if your country is listed. If your country is not listed you will need to get a bank account and phone number from one of these countries to work on the site.

    * I still have more questions. How can I reach you?
    You can email us at or call/text us at 404-500-6385 

    Cidney Green
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