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Royal Phone Sex Masters

Its time to create Royal Phone Sex Masters…because I actually listen to my clients.

The Boujee and Master Phone Boss Packages are our most popular packages hands down. People like having us do all the work with them luxuriating on the beach just a Boujee Bish. They also love empowering themselves with the knowledge of a Master Phone Sex Operator.

But what if you want to learn all the skills yet need to get on the lines asap?


What if you could have us working on your profile while you are learning the craft?


Well you can when you are a Royal Master Phone Boss.


Q: How can I get set up and learn at the same time?


A: As a Pro PSO, you need more than one Phone Sex Profile/Character on the lines(this is further explained in our Training). While we work one your 1st one, you can learn the skills to create the second on your own. Literally the best of both worlds! 

Complete With Quizzes & Test To  Test Your PSO Knowledge!

This is for those who are willing to study the art of becoming a true pro at every aspect of the Phone Sex Game. From the skillset to crafting the perfect profile yourself while they get a head start on the Phone Lines. 


In this package you will get several detailed tutorials on the various aspects of truly becoming a Royal Master Phone Boss...


This is what you get when you invest in Royal Phone Sex Mastery:

Full Phone Boss Package

The Phone Boss Course,TOP site to purchase Model pictures and videos,contacts for the best Niteflirt Template/ Erotic Bio Creators, Niteflirt Navigation Video, 10 minute phone sex line intention setting video, 40 min phone sex money manifestation video, plus more.

Erotic Bio Writing Mastery( 4 Parts)

This will turn you into the worlds best Erotic Bio writer. 

Recorded Consultation Library

These Focus On Call Time Mastery, Goal Setting, Dealing with Slow Times, Fetish Mastery. (This library is always expanding!)

Voice Matching Mastery

Priceless info that will ensure that you will always select the most profitable model for you.

Recorded Phone Sex Library

Several Hours worth of Cidney's Phone Sex Calls . Listen. Learn. Apply. Win!

1 HTLM Coding:

Since this does not include a "How To” on HTML coding we decided to include it in your package! 

Two Hour Consultation

We suggest you use some of  this time to have us proof your bio and your model selections. The rest is 100% on you!

Custom Erotic Bio

We will write you the pefect bio for you PSO Profile

Inspirational Videos

These Bonuses are about more than just Phone Sex. They cover how to live a life on your terms aka the #mobilemoneylifestyle.

Professional Voice Matching

We will match your voice to the prefect model 

(The  HTML Code is already included)

All of this comes with your Master Phone Boss Package! But since we know you are Boujee too, you also get the services of the Boujee Phone Boss Package!

Now, You're All Set!

Regular Price $1,150.00

Intro Price: $1,111.11

Wanna See What an Investment In The Master's Top Tier PSO Training Will Do For You?
(Scroll To Check Out Our Testimonials!)


Need A Payment Plan?

  • Royal Phone Boss Package

    Learn While You Earn- A Combo Of The All Packages In One- Creates Two Profiles
    Válido por un año
    • Full Basic Phone Boss
    • Full Boujee Phone Boss
    • Full Master Phone Boss
    • 4 Hours of Consultation Time
    • Royal Customer Service
    • More Model Options
    • Expedited Services
    • Direct Access to Cidney G via Whatsapp
    • TurnKey Niteflirt Service
  • 1/4 Royal Phone Boss Installment

    Cada mes
    For those who want to split their payments into four payments
    Válido por 4 meses
    • *You will be charged $300.00 every month for 4 months*
    • The package has been divided into 4 parts.
    • You will get the each part upon payment
Rev 01.png.png

You can pay in 4 installments of $277.75

1st installment: Part 1-2

2nd installment: Part 3-4

3rd installment: Part 4-6

4th Installment: Part 7.

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